Jul 23, 2006

Treasure Chest, the Catholic Comic Book

Treasure Chest was a Catholic comic book published by George A. Pflaum and provided to Catholic parochial school students between 1946 and 1972. I don't remember the cost, but it was probably comparable to subscriptions for Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse comic books that cost about $2 for 12 issues.

My siblings and I received an issue of Treasure Chest every two weeks while in grade school. I especially looked forward to reading about the adventures of a young student, Chuck White, that was featured in every issue. Each color comic book contained 35 pages of stories, games, puzzles, science, history, lives of saints, and the Pierre cartoons.

Guess what? The Catholic University of America has digitized almost all the comic books. Every page of each Treasure Chest is available in color on the web by searching the issue and clicking on the comic book cover. [Most of the issues were originally copyrighted but the copyright was not renewed.] Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

When I first bought the comic, it was published every two weeks for a dime. Later it was published monthly for a quarter. Unfortunately, I did not retain my copies from 1968-1971. On the internet, I finally discovered Chuck White from 1946-63, so it was very revealing. Unfortunately, the later adventures are still under copyright.