Mar 4, 2008

Best Catholic Blog in Kansas City

It's been at least two years since I started reading the Kansas City Catholic, and it keeps getting better and better--as over 200,000 visitors have already determined. I am amazed that this father of several very young children has the energy to write so many in-depth and imaginative posts. His story about inheriting a new peach orchard illustrates the man's excellent writing ability, his 'blossoming' imagination, and the credibility of his convictions.

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wolftracker said...

Dusty: You are very kind to say such nice things about my blog, Kansas City Catholic. I appreciate your compliment a good deal, all the more because I know it comes from a wonderfully Catholic woman who I have been lucky to get to know and who I admire. Thanks. And as readers of KCC already know, Wolftracker is a big fan of Dust of the Time.