Mar 8, 2008

Pregnant Governor of Alaska

Radical Catholic Mom congratulates Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska who is pregnant with her fifth child at age 44. The Governor's office announces:
“Todd and I are five times blessed and couldn’t be happier,” Governor Palin said. “We look forward to welcoming our new addition in May.”
Gov. Palin's biography recently appeared in Alaska Magazine (my husband's favorite!). I found out that this very attractive woman with a lot of common sense (who is strongly pro-life) is being touted on a large number of sites and blogs as a premier vice-presidential candidate.

The Draft Palin for VP website reports the McCain-Palin button is outselling all other possible McCain-VP combinations. The Republican governor is enjoying one of the highest popularity ratings of any sitting state executive in the country--about 90 percent. No wonder Alaskans are beaming.

If you'd like to hear what she has to say, go here.

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Anonymous said...

I could tell you so much more about our wonderful Gov. I have known her for years in the pro-life movement. Her son was AKRTL's emblem for many years, and she puts her actions where her mouth is.

She sacrificed a 6 figure income in our previous Gov's Admin (a 'Catholic' Republican) because the Admin was SO corrupt by oil money she had no choice but to resign. When she ran for office, the Republican Party actually FUNDRAISED for the pro-abortion Democrat! The Party hates her because she cannot be bought. And all the naysayers are currently going to prison for their corruption.

She had no money, no support from Big Business. Only the power of the people and she won. She is a good woman and a God send for our State.