Jun 24, 2008

MP3 Player/Recorder--How to Use

A friend points out that she lost a very nice tape recorder, and concluded that some things happen that we don't understand until later. I sympathized with her and pointed out that recently I ordered two $22 MP3 player/recorders because there was no sales tax or delivery charge [make sure you check the cheapest shipping box.] Stores in the KC area sell other MP3 players for only a little more.

I took my first Sansa m250 with me on vacation a month ago to the East Coast where some of my relatives live. I had loaded the unit with some great talks from Audio Sancto. One of the sons of a nephew is 19-years old, intelligent, quite handsome, and enrolled in technical school. I asked him what he liked to do in his spare time, and he responded that he liked to read history.

I had just finished listening to a very interesting talk about the Islamic wars of the 16th/17th centuries, that ends with the Western victory at the Battle of Lepanto (talk can be downloaded here--see 2006-10-01). So I asked the young man if he would like to listen to it. When he said yes, I gave him the MP3 player/recorder to keep. While his Dad is a fallen away Catholic, the son's mind appears to be open. [If the front door is locked, try the back door!]

The second MP3 player/recorder came last week and I again downloaded about 20 talks from Audio Sancto. An old lady I know mentioned she had not been able to use her broken recorder for several months. Because of her hearing loss, she had been unable to hear sermons in her church. So that's what happened to the second MP3 player. She called me day before yesterday and said she had listened to over two hours of Fr.'s sermons! What a great way to spread the faith with a MP3 player/recorder that only costs $21.99--the price of a good book!

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