Nov 12, 2008

Catholic Bishops and Obama

American Catholic Bishops have decided that Obama's election is an opportunity to demonstrate that they are really serious about the right to life. The Chicago Tribune describes the results of the Bishops' meeting in Baltimore early this week:
In a direct challenge to President-elect Barack Obama, America's Roman Catholic bishops vowed on Tuesday to accept no compromise for the sake of national unity until there is legal protection for the unborn.

About 300 bishops, gathered in Baltimore for their national meeting, adopted a formal blessing for a child in the womb and advised Chicago's Cardinal Francis George, president of the conference, as he began drafting a statement from the bishops to the incoming Obama administration. That document will call on the administration and Catholics who supported Obama to work to outlaw abortion.

"This is not a matter of political compromise or a matter of finding some way of common ground," said Bishop Daniel Conlon of Steubenville, Ohio. "It's a matter of absolutes."
The Bishops of the past 40 years have appeared to me to be mostly cowards, imbeciles, or outright traitors. Only a very few showed significant signs of heroism, intelligence, and great faith--all the the marks of a good shepherd.

I am delighted to follow our new shepherds who have the strength to proclaim and fight for the Truth. Lead the Way! Take out your Light and expose it on the lampstand! (Matt 5: 13-16)

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