Nov 8, 2008

Ten Responses to Catholic Obamites

My previous post described a letter written by a Catholic friend who defended her vote for Obama. The Church with its priests and members must diligently respond to the arguments written in her email. Here are ten suggestions for pastors who encounter such errors.
  1. Teach about the devil--don't ever ignore him because he is very real and can be very close.
  2. Clearly identify and refute the theological errors, including syncretism and indifferentism, that lead Catholics to deny their faith, either partially or in whole
  3. Recognize that "partial Catholics" are no longer Catholic and so must be reconverted; moreover, many have become "China eggs" that will never hatch. It's always easier for non-Christians to become new, staunch, and fervent Catholics because they have never rejected the grace of Jesus Christ and his teachings
  4. Insist, by example if necessary, that Catholics act militantly in response to Christ's commission to live and promote the truths of the Catholic Church.
  5. Explain that both contraception and abortion are part of the devil's plan to destroy humanity--physically, morally, economically, etc., and eternally.
  6. Note that human sacrifice of innocent lives has always been associated with past ages of Satanic worship. Give a 'Wiki' lesson on the history of child sacrifice to false gods
  7. Forcefully teach that God will not be mocked by arguments that appeal to economics, the environment, etc. to justify voting for human sacrifice
  8. Identify and promote Saints who fought in the past against similar heresies and evil practices
  9. Recruit key individuals to respond to religious, political, and moral evils with their prayers, good works, and direct Catholic action.
  10. Challenge Catholics to become MORE CHRISTIAN than Democrat, Republican, or any other identification.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago, I decided that if I were asked to describe myself, the first word would be Catholic. Not Female, married, worker, mother, daughter, volunteer. But Catholic. In order to give that response, I need to know what the church teaches, and more importantly live what the church teaches. Blessings, linda

Alison said...

I really do believe that the evils of socialism need to be taught.