Nov 8, 2008

Obama and the Catholic Vote

Since November 4, I've wondered how Barack Obama could have gotten so many votes from Catholics. It is clear that the President-elect is totally committed to a woman's right to abortion--even if it means that the baby is born alive. He also believes his own two daughters, if they became pregnant, should not be "punished" with unwanted pregnancies. [ For details, see Obama's address before Planned Parenthood--Obama video or transcript of his 30 minute speech.

As was pointed out by Catholic culturist, Phil Lawler, "in the past few weeks, different American bishops have issued radically different statements on the moral responsibilities of Catholic voters." Lawler's article notes that between 53 and 54% of American Catholic voters cast their ballots for Barack Obama, while 54% of Protestants voted for McCain who has consistently voted pro-life in the U.S. Senate. Lawler adds:

In 7 [of the 50] states, Catholics make up more than 30% of the population. Obama captured all 7 of those states on Election Day. In 8 states, Catholics account for less than 5% of the population. Seven of those states swung for McCain, and the 8th, North Carolina, is still listed as "too close to call"....
Phil Lawler then asks, "re those states [that voted for Obama] hotbeds of liberalism despite the heavy Catholic presence, or because of it?"

Here are some other observations of Lawler:
Dozens of American bishops issued strong public statements reminding their people of their moral obligation to vote in defense of human life. Those statements varied in candor and in quality, but their overall impact was remarkable. The 2008 campaign produced a seismic change in the attitude of the American hierarchy; the bishops as a group were far more outspoken, far more explicit, than in any previous election.

Lawler continues:

Among Catholic voters who attend Mass weekly, McCain won majority support: 54- 45%. Among those who do not attend weekly Mass, the margin for Obama was an overwhelming 61- 37%. Thus Obama drew his support from inactive Catholics. And unfortunately, most American Catholics are inactive.

This year, at last, the American bishops were clear and forthright in their teaching. Yet on Election Day it became evident that millions of American Catholics weren't listening.

The political scene in Massachusetts is dominated not by Catholics but by ex-Catholics, thoroughly hostile to the teachings of the Church. Are Catholics in other states following the same trend? ...Regrettably, I see the same forces that corrupted Catholicism in my native state now active all across the nation.

I believe Lawler is correct, except that a 45% vote for Obama among regular Mass-goers is intolerable.

Yet where Catholic truths are firmly taught and accepted, the people did not vote for Obama. If an angel were to have stood on the head of pens in Kansas City voting booths, they would testify that virtually all traditional Catholics who attend the old Latin Mass voted against Obama.

One lady that I know well attends the local Novus Ordo (English language) parish and voted for Obama. She argued (please remember that normally she does not misspell so many words) in the following email:

Please do not send me any political stuff, I am sick of this whole campaign. Some of you don't, but after receiving a lot of things on line, this is my opinion, which I feel I have a right to state, after reading all the e-mails.

I know Obama is pro abortion, but there are bigger things to take care of like our young guys at War who are losing their lives and what their families have gone through. Aren't their lives ilmportant too.

I know the Priests, ect. are indirectly telling us to vote for McCain, which I resent very much. The economy is a mess, what about the people who are losing their jobs and homes, isn't their lives important too. What about our enviorment, are we going to let our familes inherit this earth full of polution, their lives are important too.

On taxes, no matter who gets in we will all pay taxes. Healthcare is a big priority, aren't the people without any insurance important too.

On the abortion issue I am against it. However I ask myself why there are so many with all the different birth control stuff out there. We have all signed petitions at our churchs against abortion over the years, but what actually has been accomplished. Maybe parents aren't doing their jobs, they can't always rely on the schools or churches to do it.

I look at both candidates and I see one family man who is married once and one that has been married three times. I see a wife that is a smart intelligent woman who is an attorney and then I see a bleached blonde who races cars in her spare time.

The candidates for vice president, one is a mature man who lost his wife and has more experience than anyone and I believe he is remarried, although I am not sure of the later. Then I see the other candidate and think of the gal that was in the movie "Fargo", who I would be very afraid to have as a president.

My friends, there is a lot of things at stake here and more to consider than the one issue of abortion, although I am against abortion, we are voting for the person who is for the poor and working class who will probably end up paying the burden of the taxes again.
The 70-ish lady who wrote the above has probably sent me at least 15 emails on Jesus. She also goes to Saturday evening Mass regularly at the local Catholic Church. She has only two children, one teenage grandchild, and clearly believes (as shown above), that contraception should be the solution to abortion. She seems to believe that church petitions should have stopped abortion.

The woman argues that the war, economy, health care, pollution, etc. are of combined greater importance than abortion. She also believes that the evils espoused by one candidate are acceptable because of the moral weaknesses of the opposing candidate.

How should Catholic sermons/homilies/newspapers/blogs respond to this lady's arguments? My next post will address responses of the Church and its Catholics.

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TLewis said...

If the Sheep follow their Shepherds direction, when it comes to Catholics following Bishops, 23 per cent of the Catholic Bishops signed onto the Pro Life campaign against Barack Obama. There are 260+ Catholic Bishops in the US only 60 stood up to face the Obama FOCA challenge. The following is a list of States showing the per cent of Catholics and it shows that almost all 10 of these States Voted for Obama having a Catholic Population of at least 30 per cent.

1. Rhode Island is 63.12%, D
2. Massachusetts is 49.22%, D
3. Connecticut is 41.82%, D
4. New Jersey is 41.26%, D
5. New York is 40.47% D
6. Wisconsin is 31.77%, R
7. Illinois is 31.59%, D
8. Pennsylvania is 30.93%, D
9. New Mexico is 30.85% D
10.California is 24.0% D

All 10 of these State are Traditionally Democrat. So why would anyone think that those Bishops in these states where actually teaching and instructing their parishioners. At least 170-200 Catholic Bishops have failed in the performance of feeding their own sheep.