Jul 17, 2006

God's Generosity to Our Family

Some people learn by their own experience, some people learn by others' experience, and some people never learn, period! This post deals with our own experience as a family. My husband, our children, and I have been exceedingly blessed for over 40 years. Sometimes it seems God's generosity has no end.

We've learned God gives back a hundred times the little gifts you try to give him. When we were first married, we hung a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our living room and made Him our King--how easy can that be! Then we pray together every night--not difficult at all.

There used to be a saying, "Families that pray together, stay together." Many years ago, a popular secular magazine presented statistics on the frequency of divorce. It discovered that couples that prayed together every day had only a 1 in 500+ chance of being divorced.

A very important prayer we say is "For a healthy, happy, and holy family," followed by an Our Father and Hail Mary. I'm convinced this daily prayer is a key reason our family has been so blessed by God. Why don't you, the reader, try it?

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Tradcatholic said...

The beautiful saying "The Family that Prays Together, Stays Together" is still in use today all over the world. It was coined by Fr. Patrick Peyton in the early '50's or late 40's as the motto of the Family Rosary Crusade which had Rosary Rallys all over the World, drawing MILLIONS to the praying of the family Rosary. Family Theater was a radio program broadcast under Family Rosary, and reached millions more in this country.

Fr. Peyton's work continues in the Holy Cross Family Ministries/Family Rosary in Easton MA (www.hcfm.org) They send millions of rosaries all over the world today, and the President, Rev John P Phalen, CSC continues the work of Fr. Peyton with rosary rallies, etc.

Fr. Peyton's cause for canonization has been introduced in Rome (he died in 1992, and is now "Servant of God", the first step to declaration of sainthood.