Nov 29, 2006

Faked News

Bloggers who read a news story and question it are the best bloggers of all--especially when they act as detectives and search for supporting evidence and ancillary facts. Googling names of key people is usually a great way to start checking what is really going on.

Flopping Aces has done a superb investigation to show how Islamists are using the web to fake news items. Don't miss his Getting the News from the Enemy posts regarding Capt. Jamil Hussein, the burning of mosques, and six torched Sunnis. Michelle Malkin has also been involved in the disentangling of the plot. Here are the results of her poll.

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cranky said...

It's spooky when reality outruns my most fatalistic daydreams. The structure of sin is everywhere, twisting and subverting and spoiling whatever and whomever it touches.

You and I may not be here over another couple decades, but think of young people like grandchildren and older. I pray for them.

I have been drawn to pray for them more. Your post is evidence that the leading is a worthwhile one.