Dec 1, 2006

Recent Christian Science Fiction

I've been perusing web sites that discuss Christian and specifically Catholic science fiction. One of the most informative ones is Infinite Space, Infinite God that provides an overview of recent Catholic science fiction and related websites. The site advertises "a new anthology of fifteen stories about how the future Catholic Church uses--or fails to use--its faith, wisdom and imagination to grow with the changes of the future."

One of the 15 stories is reprinted on the site--These Three-- written by a homeschooling Mom and a spaceflight operations Dad (seriously!). [I just wish the main author Mom understood that 'real time' telescopic observations in space are not quite 'real time.'] The story begins on a spaceship with sisters of the Order of Our Lady of the Rescue.
Sister Magdalena ... was a sensible, practical woman, one of the first recruits to the order, which had been founded by the late Gillian Hawkins, who had gone to space to care for her husband and remained there after his death. She, too, had been a practical woman. Though a nurse by trade, she'd learned shuttle piloting, basic engineering, and business. She saw the exorbitant prices professional search and rescue units commanded and knew if she offered the same services for "air, equipment, and the love of God," her Order could undercut the competition and carve a place for Catholic religious in outer space.
The Claw of the Conciliator is written by Elliot, a Canadian Anglican, who specializes in Christian S-F. I very much appreciated his two comments on a recent post of mine. Elliot is the one who can tell you who wrote what and when, and he knows the history of Christian S-F probably better than anyone.


Elliot said...

Well, shucks - there's probably some people over at Christian Fandom that know it at least as well as me, if not better:
But I appreciate the kind words!

Your post on changing the past also reminded me of Donnie Darko the film from 2001. Here's two reviews that draw out the theological ideas. The first also references that famous Bradbury story:


Karina Fabian said...

Hello form Karina Fabian, the "homeschooling Mom" who co-edited Infinite Space, Infinite God.

Yes, I understand that telescopic observations are not real time. Sorry if it bugged you that we didn't make a point of the delay in the story. Glad you've enjoyed the stories, however.

I'm also pleased to share that Infinite Space, Infinite God is a finalist for the EPPIE awards this year. You can find out more about ISIG at

Great blog, BTW. And you're right--Elliot really does know his SF!

Have a blessed Christmas.