Nov 6, 2006

Looking for Signs and Apologies

For years I've believed one of the first signs that the Church will begin to recover from its surrender to Modernism is when Bishops remove references to Vatican II from the first paragraph of every document they issue. Indeed, it seems there are far fewer references to Vatican II in Bishops' current statements.

The second sign will be a Papal apology to Catholics. This apology should be easy, because recent Popes have already apologized for the schism with the Orthodox, the 'excesses' of the Crusades and the Inquisition, and treatment of the Jews and Galileo. John Paul II in 2000 finally issued an overall apology to everyone who felt aggrieved by past church actions over the past 2000 years.

The new apology from the Pope should be to Catholic parents who now cry daily because of their children's loss of faith. These children are now agnostics, pagans, secularists, and Protestants. I hope the apology comes before the parents die and specifically notes the bad catechetical instruction received by most Catholic children since the last 1960s.

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