Nov 7, 2006

Vocation to the Cloistered Life

Discalced Carmelites
Valparaiso, Nebraska

A young woman from Kansas City was recently clothed with the garments of the cloister. In her investiture of early November, 2006, Lindsay Jennings assumed the religious name of Sr. Mary Pia of the Cross.

The Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Valparaiso, Nebraska was dedicated on December 14th, 2001, the Feast of St. John of the Cross, and the Papal Enclosure was set by Bishop Bruskewitz. Over 25 priests were in attendance. Perhaps just as important, over 4,000 visitors attended the open house following the dedication.

One of the very interesting stories that happened at that time is told at the website of the Las Vegas Marian Center.
The Lincoln Journal-Star had published a really nice article about the dedication and more specifically about the high altar. They published two photos of the altar. One from the dedication and one as it was, back in the hospital chapel. Saturday morning a gentleman from Minnesota was traveling through Nebraska and had stopped to eat breakfast. While reading the paper he saw the article and could not believe his eyes! There on the page was the altar that he had disassembled over 30 years ago.

He immediately went to the monastery and when he walked in to the chapel he could not hold back the emotion. He sobbed uncontrollably. He never thought he would ever see the altar again. He was the man that was hired to disassemble it and for years it bothered him that he had been the one to take apart something so beautiful and it would never be seen again. Once again he was standing before it in all its glory. We had never seen a man so happy. He stayed and talked with the Sisters for over an hour. Just one more example of the countless graces and blessings being poured out on people as a result of the Sisters' prayers.
Photos of the investiture ceremony of Sr. Mary Pia of the Cross are courtesy of a friend who attended this important event. Other photos are here.



What a touching story. How good for him to see this altar made whole again.

brandee said...

i want to be carmelite like her i want join the nuns in nebraska to and i love the story!!!

Anonymous said...

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Joyful Catholics said...

I'll be visiting there for Mass on July 16, this Friday for Our Lady of Mount Carmel! Bishop Bruskewitz will be celebrating Mass! I'm so excited. I've been there quite a few times, in all seasons. It is LOVELY! The sisters singing behind the grille, the view from the parking lot of the vast, wide expansive prairie just makes my heart swell w/ JOY! God bless. Very nice post!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article. We agree that the Carmel is a wonderful place.

We have been told that they request that pictures taken inside the Carmel are for private use and shouldn't be published. Even though it is a nice picture of Sister, I am sure it would please them if it was kept private.

Anonymous said...

Valparaíso no Nebraska já é um lugar bastante bucólico e torna-se santo com a presença das Irmãs Carmelitas. É que o Carmelo é uma usina geradora de energia espiritual para todo o mundo. A verdade sobre o sentido último da nossa existência tem base mais forte na vida monástica. A verdade verdadeira se manifesta nos corações imersos no mundo do silêncio e da contemplação. Fiquemos todos com Deus.

Anonymous said...

Estou aqui de volta não por conta de coincidências mas de providências. Hoje dia 13 de julho é dia que celebramos Santa Teresa dos Andes, carmelita do Chile e Chile também tem Valparaíso. Santa Teresa dos Andes, rogai por nós.