Nov 7, 2006

Rat Poison in the Church

Don't forget to read the recent speech by Bishop Bruskewitz of Lincoln, NB.
....we should however, realize that the Catholic Church in the United States, and to a large extent throughout the Western World, is facing a very formidable series of crises. is an aphorism that probably can be statistically verified that the largest religious group in the United States is the Catholic Church, but the second largest is fallen-away Catholics, lapsed, non-practicing, those who have abandoned the Catholic faith.

Unless there is a strong realization among practicing Catholics that there is a crisis, and that this crisis deserves our resolute determination to confront it and overcome it, we will not get very far, except to descend further into the bleakness of this sad kind of winter. Unless the patient realizes he is sick, he will not expose his wounds to the necessary healing medicine that would provide a cure for his problems.

Even the healthiest fish cannot swim along in polluted waters.

In Nebraska, where I come from, at this time of the year, harvest time, there are a lot of rodents who try to intrude themselves in, feasting on the corn, soybeans, and other products of the fields. This requires the farmers to put out appropriate amounts of rat poison to prevent this from happening. The rat poison that is put out is always 95% healthy, good, wholesome, nourishing food. It is only the 5% in the poison that does the killing. I think that this has been overlooked in the ecumenical and inter-religious dialogues sometimes, that inserted into things which might have elements of truth, are also very serious elements of error that place in jeopardy one's eternal salvation.

The clash of culture represented by the Muslim demography and onslaught in our time, which reflects the Islamic expansionism of times past, cannot be successfully confronted by an easy-going pluralistic tolerance. It can only be confronted by a reinvigorated Christianity, a reinvigorated Catholic faith.


cranky said...

I've been watching the election returns. So far, it's going our way. So far, so good. But there is still lots of time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I am sitting here thinking about all the Catholics on the wrong side of the life issues. Rat poison is powerful stuff. I wonder if they sniff it? mainline it? put in their yogurt? They must be basing their views on what's convenient. (Now that kind of thinking will kill you. That's what college and graduate school taught me.) Basing thinking on truth changes everything.

If Lord Stowers still happens to win, I hope he and Mrs. Eclair suck eggs from their female children, relatives, etc. first. The impact of hormones is tremendous, as you all know. I wonder if they do.

Maybe, it will all be a moot point. Maybe we will win, and the galaxy will be safe again. Maybe Lord Stowers can return to counting his money. I hope he does move the institute back to the DeathStar.
Everybody could drop off their vote no yard signs at the institute before he leaves

The next issue is to fire Gov Blunt. I wonder if we could find a lay version of Bishop Finn to run. I think he has a brother. If not him, maybe Wolftracker....

We could put out a help wanted ad.

"Real Catholic to be a real governor."

cranky said...


It's looking bad, boys and girls.
A dark cloud slips across the Plaza and settles over the city. Evil becomes once more a palpable presence one can see and feel.

One shouldn't give up and go quietly into the night, but
the gruesome facts have become a cartoonish blend of what we prayed would never be and all we feared we'd come to see.

Meanwhile, the old and rich become older and richer as young women dutifully line up to let their bodies be used and to collect their money.

Somewhere, somehow, hope continues. But it shivers now in the penetrating cold of a raw November day.

Science and Money wins again as the Good, the True, and the Beautiful are unceremoniously sent packing to the margins of consideration.

With the state's new disregard for life, I wonder who will be next to be commodified: the elderly? the handicapped? Jews? troublesome Catholics? Perhaps those who leave comments on blogs?

My wife asked at dinner last night how this differs from Hitler and Dr. Mengele experiments. I said I didn't know.

Radical Catholic Mom said...

The one year I taught confirmation a student protested when I told her one must be a pro-life to be a Catholic. The Director of R.E. sat ME down and told me I needed to change my message. I told her, "if your goal is to have a bunch of Catholics who are pro-abortion then you are successful. But if your goal is to have Catholics who value all life, then you are failing miserably." She did not say a word.

cranky said...

Good for you, Rad Mom. You will annoy people of our church world tremendously. They need it, if they ever to be more than baptized pagans.

May your children appreciate you. Don't compromise. Don't back down, even if you need to walk away.