Jul 2, 2006

Curmudgeon's Controversies

I agree with Curmudgeon (see sidebar) when he says that everyone should play it straight with the Latin Mass people. Why NOT treat them in the same way as other churches in Wyandotte County?

The spiritual favors they have received surely results from God’s blessing on these good people and their chaplain. Are the originators of the anonymous posts criticizing Curmudgeon because he dares to defend his people? Or are they critical because they may have less to offer Kansas City Catholics than the priests who offer the Latin Mass?

Curmudgeon deleted some posts that included ad hominem attacks on past and current chaplains. The post-ers claimed that members of the the Latin Mass community are not entitled to be heard because the complaint file in the Chancery is so large. I’d like to know if the complainers that generated the file include the hundreds of people who attend the two Sunday Latin Masses and six weekday Masses? Or are they outsiders (both ultra-traditionalists and liberals) who are envious of the growth and vitality of the Latin Mass Community.

I understand Curmudgeon’s reasons for deleting the posts, but I think he should have left them for later readers. First, ad hominen posts give traditionalists a great opportunity to defend their own, and also to explain why this type of argument is fallacious. Second, blemished comments offer readers an insight into the minds of post-ers, information which is valuable.

For example, the originators of the deleted posts seem to believe the Latin Mass Community is a threat, if not their enemy. The originators of the deleted posts must want to avoid comparisons of church communities in Wyandotte County. Can they really ignore the well-developed sacramental and social life, daily opportunities for confessions, sermons based on the Gospel and especially lives of the saints, that have resulted in the high growth rate of the Community? Maybe they don't want to deal with their own problems. It’s always easier to focus on the perceived defects of someone else!

Curmudgeon, you charged ahead into the line of fire. (Are you sure you want to do this again?)

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