Jul 2, 2006

Faces of Men - Part II

I met Mr. S on Highway G several years ago. With the large crucifix around his neck I assumed Mr. S. was a Catholic. When we neared the end of Highway G, I asked him which parish he attended. He responded negatively. I sensed almost a horror in his response because I had mistakenly thought him to be a Catholic.

I explained that Catholics typically wore crucifixes, while Protestants wore crosses without the figure of Christ. He was eager to tell me why he was a Protestant who wore a crucifix. Mr. S. said he could not relate to the cross without the suffering Jesus. He said he too had suffered much pain in his life because of his sinful actions, and only after twenty years was trying to live a good life.

Our discussions continued for at least a half hour. We found common ground on a host of moral and faith issues. Mr. S. had many misconceptions about Catholicism, and virtually all of these misunderstandings were resolved. We were not to see each other again, but Mr. S. seemed well-disposed to future contacts with Catholics.

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