Jul 6, 2006

Hope, Hope, Even More Hope!

Fellow KC blogger, WolfTracker at http://kansascitycatholic.blogspot.com/, has quoted parts of a June 25 interview with the Sri Lanka Archbishop who was appointed late last year as secretary for the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship. As a member of the Roman Curia, Archbishop Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don supports a new reform of the post Vatican II liturgy which he admits had "negative results." In a supplementary news article at Catholic Exchange, the Archbishop states the Pope "is reflecting and we are waiting for his indications" regarding the expanded use of the pre-conciliar liturgy [i.e., the old Latin Mass].

It is no secret the indult Latin Mass communities are growing in Kansas City. A 6-page report recently distributed by the Kansas City, Kansas community documents the well-attended and very reverent daily Masses, 15+ hours of confessions offered each week, weekly Benediction, frequent processions, three recent vocations, almost three infant Baptisms per month, Catholic action in multiple ways, and regular community social events. Most importantly the Latin Mass Community of St. Philippine Duchesne served by the Fraternity of St. Peter has now grown to 374 children and 357 adult members. Think of that! More children than adults in a Catholic church! See their web site at www.latin-mass.org.

Great things are also happening in Kansas City, Missouri where Bishop Robert Finn has assumed the role of pastor of the Latin Mass community in his diocese. The Institute of Christ the King assists the Bishop in serving Old St. Patrick Oratory. This downtown church is now being rebuilt at some expense and hopes to reopen in early 2007. See http://www.oldstpatrick.org/ for a lot more information on their lively parish life. In particular, their color bulletins published before March of this year were the most beautiful I've seen and are still available on their web site.

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Dust I Am said...

Archbishop Patabendige may be a candidate for Pope in the next conclave. Why? One reason is because he has dealt with militant Islam (Timor). Keep an eye on the Archbishop's accumulation of very interesting credentials in evangelism and the restoration of the liturgy.