Jul 2, 2006

Pastoral Advice for Difficult Times

Many years ago I attended a Catholic conference in St. Louis. At that time, many of the parents in attendance were very concerned and even angry because their children in Catholic schools were receiving poor Christian instruction. Moreover, many of their parishes had poor liturgies and sponsored endeavors that were less than Catholic.

A Chancery official from the St. Louis Archdiocese was on the podium when a woman asked what people should do when they felt the Catholic faith of their family was in jeopardy. The Chancery official obviously was very leary of answering this question in the liberal heyday following Vatican II.

The priest hem-hawed around the question for several minutes--never answering it. The woman kept repeating her question, finally saying that she would not sit down until he answered her question. At this point, he reluctantly said to "Weigh all things and choose that which is good." That was very good pastoral advice and prepared me well to live through the next 35 years.

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