Jul 3, 2006


Many years ago, a man in Lawrence used to pay children one penny each for fireflys. He wanted to find out what made a firefly blink. Fortunately, fireflies were not exterminated and we still have them. This evening after it stopped raining, I worked to stack wood branches. In the glade between the trees, the fireflys blinked and blinked.

A firefly blink is somewhat like a turn signal on a car, or a flashing light on your phone. Even though it is very faint and some distance away, the blink of a small firefly attracts attention. Who can ignore fireflies?

Over the past 60 years, I've known a few good Catholic fireflies. They're shy individuals who don't shine very strongly or for very long, but their humble faith turns their light on regularly--like a firefly.


Curmudgeon said...

What this blog needs is a good post about T-shirts.

Dust I Am said...

Let me see, T-shirts, ok? Well, it's awfully hard to put T-shirts on fireflys--their wings don't fit so well.

We could manufacture mini-T-shirts with micro-zippers on the sides. That might work. Just make sure the T-shirt is not too long and the firefly's tail-light is still able to be seen.

Curmudgeon, do you think you could order some mini-T-Shirts for my fireflys? I have 265 fireflys in my backyard. Each firefly is named for one of the 265 popes and these names are very important. Please label each mini-T-shirt with the proper name, starting with Peter, Linus, Clement--you know the rest.

Curmudgeon said...

Do you think we need to get one for JP-I. He'll be gone by the time the order comes in.