Oct 28, 2006

Current Editorials by Local Bishops

Bishop Finn--
I welcome more public statements or initiatives from our other local Catholic institutions that would show support for the church's teaching and oppose the serious dangers that are inherent in the proposals [Missouri Amendment 2] being put before voters. It is not too late to stand up.

Regardless of what happens in November, Jesus Christ has already won the victory of life. It is our role to make this clear choice for life known in the world and to extend Christ's kingdom by making it a reality in our culture. Voters will make their decision very soon. When you stand before Him on the last day, whose side will you be on?
Archbishop Naumann--
In recent years, some funeral Mass homilies seem almost exclusively devoted to extolling the good qualities of the deceased. Often such homilies appear to be no different than a secular eulogy. In an understandable desire to comfort and reassure families, the preacher, at times, seems almost to canonize the recently departed.

Purgatory is our belief that, after deeath, the Lord in his mercy purifies the soul of the believer in order that our hearts are capable of experiencing the fullness of life for which we are destined.

If I died today, I pray that I would die in a state of grace. At the same time, if I died today, I would still be a long way from having been freed from all the limitations in my heart caused by selfishness and pride. I hope that when I die, people will not just extol what, in their kindness, they perceived as my virtues. I hope that people will pray for me, assisting me with their prayers as, God willing, I complete my journey to heaven.
The two Kansas City Bishops, one from Missouri and one from Kansas, have been producing exemplary editorials in their respective diocesan newspapers--The Catholic Key and The Leaven. Much, much better direction and leadership than I've seen in the last 40 years!

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