Oct 28, 2006

His Excellency, the Illustrious Rogue Bishop of Motherwell

Bishop Devine is a Catholic Bishop of Scotland who is not afraid to "go where angels fear to tread." In April 2006, he challenged Scotland's First Minister to a public debate on homosexual adoptions. The bishop did not mince words:
Surely given his 'paramount concern' for the welfare and interests of children it was not too much to ask the First Minister to discuss in an open forum with interested parties the concerns they harbour about children being adopted by homosexual and lesbian partners.
Bishop Devine also challenged the First Minister to bring the adoption issue to the Scottish people in a referendum.
What affairs of state could be more important than the interests of children? Or does Mr. McConnell intend simply to debate the issue within the comfort and security of the Scottish Parliament where his political majority is assured?
Last year he declared that being openly gay would not be "compatible" with being a teacher in a Catholic school.

In 2004, Bishop Devine sent a letter to all Scottish priests strongly promoting Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. He was criticized for that, too.

In 2002, Bishop Devine also made the news by saying
Denominational education is an enabler of sectarianism....Roman Catholic schooling is divisive - sometimes it's a price worth paying....The Catholic community believes that with denominational schooling comes the creation of a common set of values - a coherent system that has the academic curriculum and moral and spiritual life in tandem.
Bishop Devine was correct in saying that Catholic schools have their own identity and it is NOT a secular identity of indifferentism or pluralistic beliefs!

Recently, Bishop Devine described certain Scottish political leaders as "moral vandals" and "politically correct zealots." But then he committed the unspeakable crime, Bishop Devine condemned the actions of a senior Church aide who had failed to oppose legislation that allows homosexual couples to adopt children.

NOW, the two most senior bishops in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O'Brien and Archbishop Mario Conti, have publicly rebuffed Bishop Devine for saying the Church is following "a policy of appeasement" with regard to homosexual adoptions. A senior Church source added: "This is probably the first time the Scottish hierarchy has contradicted a bishop. His fellow bishops are concerned about the spate of press releases coming from the Diocese. We are dealing with a rogue bishop..."

Rogue bishop? Bishop Devine, A ROGUE?!? No, NO, NOOOO! Frankly, if ROGUE applies to Bishop Devine, the term has suddenly acquired a very positive definition.



A great post. Glad to see that Amy W. linked to it.

Aimee said...

I'm with (the aptly named) Devine. Wish all bishops were as forthright and no-nonsense as he.

guilty bystander said...

I agree with aimee. This man walks with God. I need to hear of people like him. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

He looks and sounds like an old alcoholic queen to me. Someone who has just seen his life pass him by. All the best,