Oct 25, 2006

Will it Happen or Not?

Will the traditional Latin Mass soon be 'un-forbidden' in Latin Rite churches around the world under a possible new directive of Benedict XVI? Rorate Coeli has posted new information from a Roman seminarian that offers hope. Here is one excerpt.
But the past couple of weeks have provided for us a glimmer of hope—a silver lining to a cloud darkened by 35 years of suppression and angst. Rumors have begun to surface about the existence of a Papal document which, if released, would “free up” the Tridentine Rite, setting it up as a Rite parallel to that of the Pauline Reform. While excited, I myself have remained rather skeptical, recalling that a similar rumor circulated through the back alleys of Rome last November. But all the signs point to something substantial on the horizon. The heads of dicasteries are flying to Rome, the city is abuzz with Cardinals and bishops (more so than usual), and my own friends who have ties to people working within the walls of the Vatican are conversing more and more with said friends. Something is definitely on the horizon.

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