Oct 25, 2006

Muslim Support in the Election

American Muslims will overwhelmingly back Democrats on the first Tuesday of November, according to a recent survey by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Frankly, this is not surprising because I think the Democrats will find it relatively easy to embrace Muslims. Here are my observations:

1. Democrats have shown their principles are adaptable to the situation and time.
2. They will believe Islam is amenable to reason and negotiation.
3. After Israel is encircled and falters, they will want to be on the winning side.
4. In a choice between Christianity and Islam, they will choose Islam.

Yes, I'm waiting (and hoping) that someone will challenge these arguments!


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Yah, I'm not shocked to see Muslims supporting Democrats. Although on moral grounds alone you would think they would be for Republicans. Muslims have been said to be so outraged by our immorality here in the West. But we saw how selective that can be with what the terrorists chose to do while they were here in the states.

Dust I Am said...

Always choose your friends carefully! (Except in an election, of course.)