Oct 22, 2006

Out-of-Date Publicity for Liberal Book

Our youngest daughter just sent me an outrageous article from the Dallas Morning News on "Vatican 'Crushed' Renewal of Nuns." The book claims the Vatican is the real cause of the tremendous decrease in the numbers of Catholic nuns.

The article was dated October 21, 2006, so it seemed like Kenneth Briggs' book, Double Crossed: Uncovering the Catholic Church's Betrayal of American Nuns, was newly issued. Not so! The book is at least four months old, not really current news. In fact, WolfTracker dealt with the book in an August post.

Some months ago I met a former college classmate who had written a novel and gotten it published by Publish America, Baltimore, a slight step above self-publishing. She is a former college professor of English, so her book is well written--but clearly appears not to be on its way to being a best seller!

I learned how she had received so many good reviews and accolades for her book. They were all written by friends from her college teaching days! Her friends were kind enough to stack the reviews on Amazon, say nice things on the rear flyleaf of her book, add favorable comments to Publish America's site, etc. It's great to have friends who continue to repeat, "I love this book!" Moreover, she encourages lagging sales of her year-old book by visiting local newspapers and libraries all over the state. Kenneth Briggs appears to be doing the same.

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